CASA YOLY locates herself in the Havana, close to the Havanan Jetty, acquaintance for her beautiful sunsets, the Walk of the Meadow and Old Havana. The neighborhood is very central and safe.

Old Havana, that is the closer zone, with more Museums, restaurants, historic places, is where the present-day Havana was born, full of history. From CASA YOLY, you can visit any point of Old Havana, tens of museums, restaurants, coffee, bars on foot, where he can taste the tasty mojito or the refreshing daiquiri.

But he has your characteristics, old Havana is a live city, and once the characteristics was joined of your population a city makes it with its sounds, it’s very common, hearing the music from a nearby house, or a conversation in a loud voice, or somebody calling someone else that is to 100 meters, some getting out of a party and singing in the middle of the street, or a discussion in tall voice of ball or soccer, or a touch of drum. Although he talks to each other that from 6 in the afternoon make out this type of noise, the ones that do not do their job always are. That’s why, if he is on the lookout for tranquility 24 o’clock, we tell him by heart, that we cannot guarantee it to you, it’s possible that he is with us 10 days and he never establishes noise, but Old Havana or the Center Havana is not possible to guarantee it that tranquility 24 o’clock, for that matter he is preferable to be in one of the houses located in the peripherals of El Vedado, Nuevo Vedado or Miramar, that he will find more tranquility.


Calle Crespo No. 111 Altos e/ Colón y Trocadero. Habana Vieja.

Phone: 53-78639548

Cell Phone: 53-53636428

Mail: casayolyrentroom@gmail.com